Japan envoy on Mosul: Real condolences to martyred soldiers is to rebuild Iraq

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Yet in another viral video, garnering at least 73,000 views, Japan’s Ambassador to Iraq Fumio Iwai moved people when he congratulated Iraqis following the liberation of the northern city of Mosul using his eloquent use of the Arabic language.

Iwai, who published his message via the Embassy of Japan in Iraq’s Facebook page on Tuesday, said giving condolences for the “martyred” Iraqi soldiers verbally is not enough and it will not give them their full dues.

The video was published after Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi congratulated Iraqis for their victory against ISIS militants when he officially announced the freeing of Msoul in a televised speech from the heart of the city.

“The real condolences can be done via the real rebuilding of this country, just like our Japanese ancestors did for the souls of our martyrs in the war by giving a better future for the upcoming generations,” he urged Iraqis.

There is no official death toll figure for the operation to liberate Mosul, which began in October, 2016. Official said in early May that Mosul’s wrecked roads, bridges and broader economy will need at least five years to repair and need billions of dollars of development that Iraq’s government will struggle to afford amid oil prices averaging on $50 a barrel.

In late May, Iraq’s Planning Minister Salman Al-Jumayli said a plan has been formulated to rebuild Mosul over the span of the next 10 years with $100 billion starting 2018.

Iwai further urged for “unified efforts” to build Mosul in his message which had at least 1,540 shares.

“God bless you for winning against the dark forces of ISIS on in the historical land of Assyria [Mosul],” he said. “Today our hearts are full of happiness for the return of Mosul to the embraces of civilization.”

His video received the usual amount of adorations as previous ones.

“Maradona made people adore Argentina, Mercedes and BMW made people love Germany, and now you Japan’s ambassador, maybe you are a prophet, we do not know, with your kindness and morals, made us love japan,” one female commentator, Hiba Hameed said

Another Facebook user, Zaid al-Hilali wrote in English: “Dear Mr. Ambassador; Kindly, I would like to thank you for the words you said in your speech addressing the Iraqi people. Japan is a great nation that give a marvelous example of how a live nation can be no matter what was the circumstances that facing them.”

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