Dubai hospital receives Guinness award for removing world’s largest kidneys

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The UAE has set a world record after a Dubai hospital received the Guinness World Records for removing the largest kidneys in the world.

The kidneys were removed from 56-year-old Emirati patient Ahmad Saeed. His enlarged kidneys weighed 13 kilograms together, which is 40 times the weight of a normal kidney. The normal kidney weighs 150 grams.

Doctor Fariborz Bagheri, head of the urology department at Dubai Hospital, said Saeed has suffered from the genetic disorder Polycystic Kidney Disease since he was born and he had stayed alive through dialysis.

A kidney’s normal length is 12 cm but the enlarged kidneys removed from Saeed were around 34 cm each with a diameter of 17 cm. The left kidney weighed 6.1 kg after it was removed while the right one weighed 6.6 kg.

The left kidney was kept at the anatomy department and after it lost its fluids, it weighed 4.25 kg. The Guinness record was obtained for the latter weight which is viewed as the world’s largest, almost two times the previous record which is 2.24 kg.

Talal Omar, Head of Guinness World Records in Dubai, said: “We spent months studying extremely complicated medical records. Now that the evaluation is over, the record title of removing the largest kidney in the world is officially held by Dubai.”


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