Latest video shows former heaviest Egyptian woman making progress in Abu Dhabi

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The Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi revealed the development of the health condition of the Egyptian national Eman Abd El Aty, who one weighed half a ton and came to Abu Dhabi for treatment from India three months ago.

During a press conference in Abu Dhabi on Monday, Dr. Yassin al-Shahat, Burjeel hospital director, revealed that Eman has lost much of her weight and is gradually able to swallow her own food.

During the conference, which was attended by the ambassador of Egypt in the UAE along with Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil, who oversaw her treatment, Dr. al-Shahat added that she was treated for the bedsores she had suffered from after having spent a quarter of a century in bed.

According to Egyptian media correspondents who reported on the conference in Abu Dhabi, Dr. Al-Shahat confirmed that Eman had improved and that her health condition is stable adding that she lost 60 kilograms of weight in two and a half months, and was treated for kidney infections.

They added that Dr. Vayalil, her treatment supervisor, said that Eman has overcome mental and health problems, and that the hospital will establish a center for the treatment of and prevention from obesity.

In a related matter, Eman’s medical report issued by the hospital said that she has completed the first stage of treatment and will move on to the second stage where surgery will be performed to reduce the weight and adjust the skin shape to suit the target weight.

The report said that she will undergo surgery to replace the aortic valve from the heart, relief pressure from the knees joints and strengthen the muscles of the legs as well as perform liposuction and some simple cosmetic surgeries.

The hospital's medical report added that Eman is communicating well with her medical staff, can move her arms easily and is able to feed herself and take her own medicine without any assistance.