Algerian becomes ‘hero’ in Spanish town for returning bag worth EUR 77,000

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An Algerian man residing in Palma Majorca in Spain has become a hero in the local press after he returned a bag containing large amount of cash after stumbling upon it on the street, according to Spanish and Algerian media.

According to a news report, the press have referred to the young man, Hawari Saadini, who has been a resident in Spain since 2001, as a “hero” and “courageous.” Saadini is being cited as an example of Algerian and Arab moral integrity.

The bag’s valuables were estimated at Euros 77,000. Of the sum, Euros 20,000 were in currency, while the remainder was in the form of checques and new clothes.

The rightful owner

Saadini was astounded by what he had found, but did not hesitate to hand it over to the nearest police station in the hope of finding its rightful owner.

The bag belonged to a 37-year-old Romanian woman who works for an international real estate agency. Police have called her in to investigate her source of the money.

Saadini confirmed that his instinct to hand over the money were thanks to his Islamic teaching and upbringing and values he inculcated from his parents. He never considered taking the money, he said.

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