Blood Moon to surface worldover on Monday night

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People around the world are set to witness a rare astronomical phenomenon known as the “Blood Moon” on Monday night. During this occurrence, the moon is seen caped with a reddish overtone for a period of days, hence the name Blood Moon.

The moon’s optimum visibility will be at 02:12 am in parts of the United States. It is also expected to be evident in parts of the Arab region in light of recent clear skies.

The moon is sometimes referred to as the Sturgeon Moon. This is named after sturgeon fish, which is easy to catch during this time of the year.

Whats in a name

Interestingly, fishing tribes in the US are said to have named the moon in the month of August as the “Sturgeon” to reflect the fish’s abundance during the month.

The native Americans are known to have followed the lunar calendar to differentiate the seasons. They have also designated different names to the Blood Moon phenomenon. Some of the names include Green Corn Moon, Grain Moon, and the Red Moon.

Similarly, moons have been given various names over the years. For instance, we have the Wolf Moon in January, the Ice Moon in February, the Worm Moon in March, the Pink Moon in April, the Flower moon in May, and the Strawberry Moon in June.

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