WATCH: Egyptian muscle man voluntarily gets run over by car

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The “Man of Steel” lives among us, swallowing swords and pulling cars with his hair.

Thirty-two-year-old Egyptian man Mohamad Atiya Shoshan, a resident of Naqita village in Mansoura, situated in the Dakahlia governorate, north of Egypt, has been dubbed as Super Man.

A video emerged of the man getting voluntarily run over by a car.

Shoshan has the ability to walk on glass shards, metal nails and break rocks on his head without effortlessly.

Speaking to Al, Shoshan said that he discovered his supernatural talents at the age of six while playing soccer with friends. During which, he outperformed his friends in terms of speed, the number of goals scored and the number of times he had possession of the ball.

By the end of the game, Shoshan was swarmed by 12 individuals who proceeded to hit him harshly, he added.

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After which, Shoshan decided to seek revenge, only to find himself running after them carrying a palm tree’s trunk while they ran away screaming. He suddenly found his father running after him demanding him to stop.

Shoshan later learnt from his father that the trunk weighed 100 kg.

Shoshan pursues athletics

Soon after, Shoshan’s father sought a friend’s help, who happened to work in Al Mansoura Stadium, to enroll him in the strength sports’ team. Shoshan carried on to succeed in his role as an athlete and pursued running, jumps, body building and wrestling.

According to Shoshan, he earned first place every time in the 1500 meter races, local competitions and free-style wrestling matches. He also earned first place for his weight.

Shoshan continued sharing his story saying: “I’ve started discovering other strengths that I possess. For instance, I was able to pull a big bus once using my hair alone and another time with my teeth. I also discovered that my hair possesses a superpower enabling me to pull three cars with it. I’ve been able to swallow swords and take them out, walk on glass shards and metal nails. I can bare having a care run over me, I can break heavy rocks over my head and carry several people weighing thousands of kilograms.”

The muscle man is preparing to pull an airplane using his hair or body, and hopes to be part of cinematic productions.

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