Meet the six-year-old girl who eats and never feels full

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While snacks and meal time calls are music to the ears for most, this isn’t the case with six-year-old Megan Adams Fitzgerald, a young girl with a hungry appetite all the time, Hull Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

Megan suffers from a rare health condition in which the part of her brain responsible of letting her know she’s full after eating doesn’t, as a result she’s always hungry.

This medical condition is known as Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS).

So why might using the words snacks or dinner be a problem? Megan can become “distressed” if she’s not allowed to eat, especially if the subject of food is mentioned in front of her.

“We can’t eat in front of her, we can’t say the words dinner, food or snack in front of her because if she hears those words she thinks it must mean it's coming and she wants it now,” said Megan’s mom Tracy Fitzgerald.

Her regimen

Megan follows a sharp eating schedule which includes breakfast, snacks, lunch, tea and dinner at precise timings to help regulate her eating and fulfill the unstoppable food-craving. Even then, her struggle persists.

Megan’s fight to stay away from the cookie jar is endless, the illness has no cure. Statistics show that one in 15,000 people suffer from the illness.

Apart from the constant ravenous appetite, PWS can also cause developmental delays, learning difficulties and other temperaments.

The article stipulated that Megan can only say a few words, cannot walk long distances and is frequently tired.

Health concerns

Megan’s parents are also battling another fight simultaneously. Tracy expressed fears that her daughter is growing to dislike her, she also fears the development of other health complications.

“Sometimes I really think she doesn’t like me, I’m the big bad wolf who won’t allow her to eat what she wants, but as a parent I have to lump it,” explained Fitzgerald.

“I’m doing what I do, for her, it’s tough love. I don’t want her to become obese because there’s a lot of associated health problems if she does,” she added.