Saudi woman dining at Turkish restaurant dies after being struck by lightning

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A Saudi woman died after she was struck by lightning while dining at a restaurant in Trabzon at Sultan Murat Parks in northern Turkey.

The lightning left three of her family members injured.

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According to Abdulaziz al-Suwaid, the wife’s husband, his family members were with their uncle in the heights of Sultan Murat in Trabzon last Thursday.

Whilst dining, lightning struck the site, which resulted in the death of his wife. His two daughters were also struck but it was not fatal, while their uncle suffered from burns.

Suwaid said that his wife was declared dead at the hospital after paramedics were late to attend to her due to language barriers hindering communication with paramedics.

The distance to the hospital also slowed the process.

According to the Saudi Okaz newspaper, Suwaid said that his daughters arrived Saturday evening to Saudi Arabia’s Al-Qassim and the wife’s body is set to arrive on Sunday accompanied by his son.