Banners calling men to make women dress modestly spark outrage in Egypt

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Photos of banners calling males in a family to subject their women to a modest dress code were reportedly spotted in a few Egyptian neighborhoods.

A campaign named “Estargel”, in what literally reads in English “to act manly,” signed its name on the banners. Pictures on Facebook showed long strips of cloth bearing a slogan that read: “Act manly, and do not let your daughters wear tight clothes.”


The banners sparked a lot of debate on social media, with many users expressing unhappiness with the message of the campaign.

Justifying harassment

Those against it said it was justifying harassment against women by holding them responsible for it on the premise of what they wear.

“I wish [those behind this campaign] called on men ‘to act manly’ by looking for jobs instead,” one Facebook user wrote.

Others suggested that the message of the campaign could be aiming to boost public morals and enforcing modesty standards.

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