VIDEO: Egypts Targaryen super kid who does not burn

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Eight year old Ahmed Karim Abdelfadil is child that possesses supernatural like abilities that contradict logic and oppose nature.

Ahmed has dragged cars with his teeth, ate glass, and like popular HBO series Game of Thrones character Daenerys Targaryen fire does not burn him.

Furthermore the extraordinary child is able to lift 500 kilos and cannot be pierced by nails, knives or swords.

According to his father Ahmed’s abilities were inherited from him. Karim Abdelfadil himself is famous in Egypt for his extraordinary power and is known as Karim the Pharaoh.

Karim Al Arabiya that he was born in Abanoub, in Asyut, and is part of the al-Hilayel tribe which is known for its physical strength. The al Hilayel tribe traces its history to iconic Arab leader Abu Zayd al-Hilali.

Powerful toddler

The father said that he discovered his son’s power abilities when Ahmed was four years old.

He said that he did not sleep and was always trying to eat glass cups. His biggest discovery was when Ahmed was hit by a car at speed. He said that it threw him a long distance but he was not hurt and did not even have one scratch, the father explained.

Karim added that he offered his son to the doctors, who confirmed the physical and psychological integrity of his child.

He claimed that doctors described his tremendous physical strength as “equivalent to the strength of a thousand children his age”.

Ahmed himself says the he was oblivious to his strength until he was hit by the car. He added that after he was also hit by a glass plate from the first floor at one point and nothing happened to him, he was sure he was like his father.

The father said that he hopes Ahmed will become an Egyptian army officer and harness his extraordinary abilities to defend his country.