15-year-old Egyptian boy kills family of four

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A family of four died after a 15-year-old boy accidentally run them over while learning to drive, in Gharbia governorate, Egypt.

Of the family members, one child survived the accident, but is in critical condition.

Gharbia’s Security Director, Lieutenant Tareq Hassoonah, received word about the death of a family of four after being run over by a boy while learning to drive.

Serious injuries

Investigations revealed that the child in question was driving his father’s car in a village in Gharbia. The deceased family were on a motorbike when the accident happened. They suffered serious injuries and died upon arrival at the hospital.

The family is revealed to be Aarafah al-Sahqawy, 41-year-old father, his wife Asmaa Ghayt, a 31-year-old mum who was nine-months pregnant, and their two daughters, Mina and Salma, six and four-years-old respectively.

However, the family’s eldest son, eight-year-old Mohamed, suffered from serious complications and was transported to the hospital in a critical condition.

Security forces managed to arrest the culprit, Mohamed G. S., a secondary school student and he awaits prosecution.