This Egyptian sandwich shop owner in NYC acts as a ‘political pundit’ for TV

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Egyptian expat in the US Hatem el-Gamasy has become a victim of social media attacks, mocking his credibility as a spokesperson on political matters.

The 48-year-old sandwich shop owner was shocked by the negative opinions he was receiving, after his story was published in the New York Times.

English teacher

Gamasy is a former English teacher from the Monufia governorate in Egypt. He came to the US to pursue studies in English as a second language. He has since been a resident in the US for nearly two decades.

Over the years, Gamasy evolved into a political analyst and commentator, conducting interviews with private Egyptian TV channels from inside his shop.

Outraged users have also accused the concerned channels of lacking credibility and professionalism.

No shame

In response to the controversy, Gamasy expressed in a Facebook post that there was no “shame in owning a sandwich shop and being a political analyst,” quoted online newspaper Egypt Independent.

Gamasy continued claiming that the attacks against him are allegedly done by media outlets affiliated with the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, added the newspaper.

“I’m an educated person who graduated from a university in Egypt where I studied English language and am currently working towards starting a Masters Program in international relations,” he added.