Egyptian Azhar cleric suspended for singing on TV show

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The Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf has decided to arrest al-Azhari Sheikh Ihab al-Yunis, who sung “Lesa Faker” (Do you still remember?) as a tribute to the late Arabic singer Um Kolthum while wearing his Azhari uniform on an Egyptian satellite channel.

The ministry’s head of the religious sector, Sheikh Jaber Taya, said in a press statement on Friday that Sheikh Younis is an Imam and preacher at Ali bin Abi Talib mosque, which is under Awqaf al-Salam’s management. Yunis was referred to the ministry of interior for investigation, Taya added.

Disgrace to uniform

Meanwhile, al-Azhar also condemned the cleric’s actions, stressing that he had disgraced the Azhari uniform.

Similarly, al-Azhar observatory said that the Azhari dress to people and the Islamic world is associated with uniforms of religious scholars, students and people of fatwa. Therefore, it should not be worn when singing or practicing arts, even if they are purposeful and upscale, added the observatory.

In light of the event, the observatory appealed to those who wear the Azhari turban, cautioning them to commit to what it stands for, this includes the scientific study of religion and teaching it to people. It also cautioned them to refrain from practices former wearers of the uniform did not engage in.

Negative stereotype

Wearing the Azhari uniform while singing is disrespectful and takes away from its significant rank, continued the observatory. It also referred to this event as the attempt of some media channels to distort the uniform’s prestige and consolidate negative stereotypes to it, destroying centuries worth of deference.

Yunis’ act also sparked controversy among social media users, infuriating them. Consequently, he was subjected to a wave of insults on his Facebook page.

On the other hand, twitter users accused Yunis of disrespecting the Azhari uniform and attempting to use it for his own benefits and putting himself under the spot light.