Houthi cleric says internet is ‘haram’, prompting crackdown on Wi-Fi routers

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Mufti of the Houthi militia in Yemen, Shams al-Deen Sharad al-Deen, has issued a fatwa (religious edict) which forbids the use of the internet “because it leads to corruption.” The Mufti called on internet investors to pull out.

Armed Houthis responded to the fatwa and forcefully implemented it in Qabal village located in Hamdan district of Sanaa governorate.

According to the villagers, the Houthis shot down several houses hosting a Wi-Fi router.

Speaking to Al Arabiya.net over the phone, the villagers also said that the Houthi supervisor in their area, Mohammed al-Samini, also known as ‘Abu Harb’ has been destroying Wi-Fi devices in each house.

Samini also distributed a copy of the Mufti’s fatwa to the residents.

One resident who refused to take down their Wi-Fi device off the roof of their house, was met by heavy Houthi fire, shooting down the house and the device.

When the resident tried to explain that there are women and children inside, the Houthis hit him with the rifles until he bled.

Yemenis are worried that in light of the fatwa, the Houthi militia will expand its internet-targeting circle.

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