Saudi hero recounts saving Egyptian child from near-miss escalator accident

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For many of those present at Ha’il Mall last year, a scene of a distressed child needing urgent help will probably stay with them for quite some time.

The life of a young Egyptian child was clutched from the jaws of death after he was pulled up at the very last second at a shopping center in Ha’il province in Saudi Arabia.

Amid the screams of the child's mother, a number of shoppers stopped just under the escalator in a grouped effort to catch the child should he fall.

Luckily for the Egyptian child, Khaled al-Suwaidi was present in the nick of time. The young Saudi man would swiftly sprint to the top the escalator, snatching the child's hand and saving him from an imminent fall as the electric ladder was about to reach its highest point.

Al-Suwaidi told Al Arabiya that he was in the right palce and in the right time as he was meeting a fellow staff member at the exact location where the dramatic event was unfolded over the weekend

He added that “saving the child was but God’s will”.

It is also worth noting that al-Suwaidi used to play sports which would explain how prompt and fast his response was. In fact,

the Saudi national was a former goalkeeper in a second-league club in Ha’il, but stopped playing football after an injury he suffered from a car accident.

Al-Suwaidi added that he firmly grabbed and held on to the child for a few minutes after saving him, which made onlookers believe it might have been his own son.

He said the child’s mother eagerly embraced him after he managed to catch him. In a related matter, Khalid al-Suwaidi was honored by special Ha’il’s emergency forces for rescuing the child and that his heroic act was spotted on the surveillance cameras of the mall.