Saudi man files lawsuit against guy who killed ant, here’s what he was told in court

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Eight years ago, a Saudi man filed a lawsuit against a resident who “stepped on an ant on purpose.”

According to the plaintiff, his actions were “not an exemplary of Islam’s teachings.”

The man said that “an ant is one of one God’s living creatures and has a right [to live].” He demanded that “Islamic law rules” are enforced on defendant.

Judge Mohammed al-Fayez accepted the case.

Speaking to the plaintiff, Fayez said: “Your claim was accepted and as the ant’s attorney, it is clear to me that when you filed the case, you did not provide a legitimate attorney contract from the parents of the ant that was killed by the defendant.

“As such, the case cannot proceed unless the concerned individual is present or has a legitimate attorney.”

The judge then continued to ask the plaintiff to bring a legitimate attorney contract from the ant’s parents. Once he does, the court will then “ask the defendant to come to court.”

The man was shocked by the judge’s reply and had no response but to leave the court.

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