Psychiatrist’s controversial ‘women are for pleasure’ remarks go viral

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A video of psychiatric consultant Tarek al-Habib advising women during a television show “to use men to produce children” and noting that men should “use women for pleasure” recently went viral and sparked outrage among social media users.

Speaking to, Habib explained that the video was taken out of context as he was speaking to a 37-year-old woman who was still single and upset about it, so in order to make her feel better, he advised her to lower her expectations and “marry to produce children before it’s too late."

It’s worth noting that the video is in fact two years old but was only recently shared online. Many social media users were outraged by the content but some defended Habib saying it was his personal opinion or a “lapse.”

Habib also said that he still adheres to his advice to women who have not married yet and who would like to have children.

“Even a man’s marriage to a woman for pleasure is okay. These are needs which one can achieve with the help of the other. By making marriage complicated, we are hindering it and paving the way for men and women to commit prohibited acts,” Habib said.

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