Flesh eating bacteria kills two after Hurricane Harvey

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Josue Zurito, 31 died after he was recently diagnosed with flesh eating bacteria, reportedly caught when he helped repairing homes in Galveston, Texas after flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Zurito died on October 16th after being admitted to a hospital on October 10th, according to a statement released by health officials in Galveston on Monday, reported Forbes.

This is the second death reported from flesh eating bacteria since Hurricane Harvey struck the Gulf Coast in the US.

A 77 year old woman also died of flesh eating bacteria infection after falling in her flooded home and injuring her arm.


When admitted to the hospital on October 10th, Zurito’s upper arm was affected by the aggressive and deadly soft tissue infection.

With the appropriate treatment and the removal of dead skin most patients recover, however the bacteria may also develop into gas gangrene and destroys blood vessels, fat, nerves and muscle tissue.

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This bacteria produces a deadly toxin that is responsible for the extensive tissue damage, leading to low blood pressure, rapid and difficult breathing and confusion symptoms.

As the infected areas get blue to purple discoloration in the later stages, gas or air formed in the soft tissue produces a crackling sound if the area of skin is examined.

Apparently, flood waters contaminated with the deadly bacteria, along with dirty surfaces or debris contacting the victim’s initial cut or injury, led to contracting this aggressive and deadly infection.

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