How did the al-Qaeda leader entertain himself?

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The CIA’s 470,000 Osama bin Laden documents released on Wednesday have revealed how the once most wanted man in the globe enjoyed watching YouTube videos and enjoyed Tom and Jerry cartoons.

Thousands of audio and video files were recovered in the 2011 Abbottabad raid revealed many organizational and operational secrets of al-Qaeda’s global terrorist network that has killed thousands of innocents.

While in his 3,500sqm compound in Pakistan with his three wives, the September 11 mastermind, enjoyed watching Japanese cult anime, Captain Majid, an Arabic dubbed anime manga cartoon about a football player progressing from his highschool team to play for his national team and major European clubs.

The show which is known as Captain Tsubasa internationally, was cartoon show that influenced millions of Arabic children in the 1980's and 1990's across the Arab world.

A video recovered by the CIA in the raid marked ‘The Real Captain Majid Story’ was found amongst other videos including one showing former Saudi football player Osama al-Muawalad attacking a camera man during a football match.

One of bin Laden’s most notable YouTube items found was a viral video from 2007 featuring a barely four-year-old boy complaining to his father about his brother Charley who is no older than a few months.

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