Camel cruelty video angers activists in Oman

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Animal welfare activists in Oman were infuriated after a video showing a camel with its legs tied being forcibly thrown out of a pickup truck went viral across the Sultanate.

The video, according to the Times of Oman, was shot in the Sultanate and shows a pickup truck with a camel in rear, reversing along a beach.

The driver of the truck breaks suddenly, and a camel is flung from the rear of the truck into the sand.

The video has been shared widely on social media sites across Oman.

“This was not an accident, but instead an incident of someone reversing the vehicle too quickly,” said the founder of Oman-based animal welfare group Tiger by the Tail Jaison Mathai.

“Unfortunately, it looks like this was done on purpose, and it is very sad to see that there are some people who would do such things. Firstly, the tailgate of the pickup truck was left open, and the animal’s legs were tied so it could not save itself. This is a very sad situation.

“It is very important for us that we treat animals just as we would treat each other,” added Mathai. “As humans, we need to conduct ourselves in a manner that shows as an example of humanity to others. If required, we are willing to contribute towards the wellbeing of this animal Mathai said.

Saeed al-Malki, a camel owner and herder in Oman, told the Times of Oman, that it was very important to care for Oman’s camels.

“We should care about the camels that we have because these are an authentic breed, and we’ve inherited it from our ancestors,” he said.

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