Trump taunts North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, says he won’t call him ‘short and fat’

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US President Donald Trump has traded messages over social media platform Twitter declaring he would never call North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un as ‘‘short and fat’’ on Sunday, according to BBC.

The spam of tweets took place after Trump’s official welcoming ceremony in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi.

He expressed his thoughts on a range of subjects from relations with Russia, China’s efforts to rein in North Korea, and sarcastic message about his offer to become friends with Kim.

Trump’s own difference with North Korea continues to increase, between the insults shared across Twitter.

North Korea criticized Trump’s trip calling it a ‘‘warmonger’s visit’’ and described the president as ‘‘old’’. This led to Trump responding on Twitter, I would NEVER call him ‘‘short and fat’’.

Possible friendship

According to BBC News, Trump was asked at a conference if he could see himself being friends with Mr Kim, he answered: ‘‘That might be a strange thing to happen but it’s a possibility.’’

The president also stated that it would be a ‘‘good thing’’ for North Korea and the world if he and Kim could become friends.