The life of American cult killer Charles Manson in key dates

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Charles Manson, the psychopathic guru who masterminded a savage killing spree in the United States that shocked the world, has died aged 83, US media and California prison officials said late Sunday.

Debra Tate -- the sister of Manson's most famous victim, Sharon Tate -- told celebrity website TMZ that she received a call from prison officials saying that Manson, who had long been ill, died Sunday evening.

California prison officials later issued a statement confirming the death.

In the late 1960s, Manson headed an apocalyptic cult that committed random murders in upscale mostly white neighborhoods of Los Angeles -- unleashing a wave of panic in the city and beyond.

Here are key dates in the life of Manson.

- November 12, 1934: Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.

- 1966: Founds a California hippy cult called "The Family."

- August 9, 1969: Members of the community murder five people, including movie actress Sharon Tate, the heavily pregnant 26-year-old wife of director Roman Polanski, at her home in Los Angeles. Manson is not present.

- 1971: Found guilty of having ordered the murder of a total of seven people and is sentenced to death. The sentence is later commuted to life in prison.

- 2012: His 12th request for parole is rejected. The next could not come before 2027.

- 2014: Granted permission to wed a 26-year-old woman. The 90-day license expires without the ceremony going ahead.

- November 20, 2017: Dies aged 83 of natural causes in a California hospital.