Indian with 500 tattoos wants his ‘dead body’ displayed in museum

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Even before 74-year-old Indian Har Parkash Rishi became famous for his tattoos, he had already set 25 world records.

Rishi has 499 flags of different countries on his body, 185 world maps as well as tattoos of famous personalities such as Queen Elizabeth II, Donald Trump, Barak Obama and Mahatma Gandhi inked on his body.

Rishi has 18 more accomplishments registered in Guinness Book of Records.

He got all his teeth removed to be able to put 496 straws in his mouth so that he could gulp down an entire bottle of Ketchup in 39 seconds. He made a 64-inch-sugarcube tower and also covered 15,000 km on his motor bike around India in 155 days.

‘Guinness Rishi’

Because of his achievements he has named himself “Guinness Rishi”.

“Getting a tattoo is a painful job, if I can bear the pain, I can be more famous than common people,’ he said.

He has a message to the world that people should unite against terrorism and he has added many lines on his body in various languages advocating peace and love.

Finally, Rishi aspires to have his dead corpse displayed for the people at either Ripley or Guinness museums saying: “It is my desire.”