WATCH: CCTV shows how thief manages to steal money from elderly woman’s bag

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A 69-year-old victim had her £1,000 ($1,300) in savings pickpocketed by a woman in a shopping center elevator in Britain’s Ilford, CCTV footage released by police this week has shown.

Tagging along in the elevator, two men entered with the elderly woman and the thief.

One of the men looked like he was in his 30s with short black hair and the other one in his 40s with short dark hair.

They seemed to have distracted the older lady by pressing the elevator buttons.

Footage showed that during the time the male suspects were said to be distracting the old lady, the pickpocket slips behind the victim and digs into her handbag.

The first time she reached into the bag, the victim moved and moments later, she reached in again, causally stealing the money.

The victim had entered the lift aiming to go to her daughter’s car in the parking lot, and had not realized that her money was stolen until she got into the car.

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