Woman gets entire plane to herself after airline booking error

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For one woman in Washington DC, flights this year can only be second-rated in terms of experience after a booking error left her with an entire plane all to herself last weekend.

The woman, identified only as Beth, uploaded a photo of herself on the empty plane from Rochester, New York, to Ronald Reagan International Airport, said she was accidentally booked onto a plane meant for the airline’s crew after her initial flight was cancelled.


“I realized something was wrong when I was the only one in the waiting area 45 minutes before takeoff,” Beth said on Reddit.

“When my flight was cancelled about eight hours earlier, a confused agent gave me and half the passengers a seat for [this] plane before another agent realized everyone could go on an earlier flight.

“They made an announcement on the speaker but I’d already left to go back to my parent’s house to wait for the next few hours and was never contacted about the flight change.”

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