Emirati wife uses husband’s phone to text herself a ‘divorce message’

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Life is intolerable for a wife stuck in a marriage with a man who refuses to divorce her, despite her several pleads.

In the case of one Emirati lady, It has been extremely hard for her to gain a divorce from her husband according to Dubai-based Al Bayan newspaper, where after three years of a toxic relationship, something had to be done.

The husband in this case was refusing to grant his wife a divorce, Al Bayan reported, not out of love, but because he wants to humiliate her and emotionally torture her.

Although no official documents are signed, the married couple with children are effectively separated - fiercely quarrelling and sleeping in separate rooms.

The constant hostilities and fights triggered the Emirati wife to eventually kick her husband out of the house, but she wanted him out of her life too.

Under Islamic jurisprudence a man can divorce his wife by publicly uttering the words: “I divorce you” three times. This practice is known as the ‘Triple Talaq’ (Triple Divorce).

For a woman, however, the divorce process requires presence in court before a judge and a mandatory reconciliation process that when fails, divorce is granted.

In seeking consultation of an Islamic scholar, the wife was reassured that the Sharia practice of “Triple Talaq” is effective via text message, as long as the husband has the intention to divorce and is sure about his decision.

The scholar’s approval encouraged her to proceed with a midnight plot which would forever rescue her from this toxic marriage.

As her husband was sound asleep, the aggrieved woman used his finger tip to access his mobile phone and send a text message to herself “I divorce you”, three times.

The next day she went to the court eager to present her evidence.

Unfortunately, this desperate trick for relief only lead to more complications for the want out woman.

What was meant to be a quick solution turned into another nightmare after officials at the Dubai Personal Status Court asked the woman of the source of the message and she admitted her actions.

According to Al Bayan, when the husband was informed he vowed that he will make the divorce process in court as hard and slow as possible.

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