Want to be a female soldier in Saudi Arabia’s military? Here are the rules

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The Saudi Arabian Interior Ministry’s General Security division has started accepting applications of women interested in joining the military as soldiers.

The position is available in seven different areas of the kingdom including Riyadh, Mecca, Madina, al-Qusaim, Asir, al-Bahah and the Eastern Province.

According to the security division, the applicants must be of Saudi origin and upbringing with the exception of women who lived abroad due to their fathers’ government work.

The applicant must also have a minimum of a high school degree, and be between the age of 25 to 35. Her height must be no less than 155 centimeters, with a good weight to height ratio.

صورة ارشيفية لعسكريات  السعودية
صورة ارشيفية لعسكريات السعودية

In addition to these requirements, the applicant must pass basic tests and go through personal interviews to ensure good conduct and attitude.

The security division added that applicants who have worked in governmental or military institutions prior to applying will not be accepted. The applicant should also have an independent national identification card, and live in the same area as her job’s location. Her guardian’s job must also be in the same area.

Any applicants who do not accurately fill in the form will be automatically excluded. The General Security division will start accepting applications online from June 9th until June 13th.

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