Man in Dubai jailed for stalking, blackmailing air hostess

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The Dubai Court of First Instance has sentenced a 30-year-old Egyptian man residing in Dubai to three months in jail after he blackmailed an air hostess with her private pictures.

The accused had worked in a telecommunications company until May of 2017.

He allegedly threatened to expose the 33-year-old woman after she refused to marry him and land him a job at the airline company she worked for, reported Khaleej Times.

No longer able to tame the situation, the victim complained to the al-Rafaa police station.

‘On July 6, 2017, he sent me a message that he would get me to lose my job after disgracing me among my family members and among the directors where I worked. He also said he would describe my house to my ex-husband. He blackmailed me and threatened to misuse his photos with my son to damage my reputation unless I got him the job he wanted,” said the hostess.

The pair had met in 2016 and developed a friendship. Upon refusing his marriage proposal, ultimately breaking up, the man began to stalk her, frequently called and hacked into her phone.

Upon completing his time in jail, the man will be deported.

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