Liverpool discount store displays unique 40ft banner to honor Mohamed Salah

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A massive 40ft Mohamed Salah banner was erected on the storefront of a discount and e-cigarette shop in Walton in Liverpool in a show of support for the Liverpool FC football star.

Written on the sign is “Mohamed Salah 30 goals and counting!!!”, “All the best from County Rd discount store” and “the Egyptian king”.

The e-Cig shop called Smokers Paradise and the discount store which sells miscellaneous items like groceries and bedding are owned by the same person.

According to the Liverpool Echo news site, the owner, Adam Bangy, meant it as “lighthearted banter”.

“The idea came into my head a couple of days ago and I just thought it would be really funny. I’m a massive Liverpool fan and he’s adored in the city so I just thought it would cheer people up,” Bangy told the newspaper.

“It gets people talking with a bit of light-hearted banter and I think everyone could do with that these days,” he added.

Pictures of the banner have been shared across social media platforms in hopes that Salah will see it.

“He seems like a great sport so I reckon he would find it funny and appreciate how big his fan base is. But I really hope it just brings a laugh to people in the community - even Everton fans!” Bangy said.