Toddler in Saudi Kharj city slips into coma, following assault by Ethiopian maid

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An Ethiopian domestic worker in the Saudi city of al-Kharj put a 13-month-old girl in a clothing basket and covered her with blankets, leaving her unconscious.

“After our daughter was missing inside the house, we began searching for her and found her in a laundry basket on the roof. She was placed there by our Ethiopian maid with a blanket over her. Our daughter was unconscious,” the father of the girl, identified only as Tarf, said.


The father said the recent incident was not the first time they had found their daughter in a similar situation. “We found her on the second floor unconscious and transferred her to King Khalid Hospital where she was resuscitated. But the maid tried the same thing again and made an attempt on my daughter’s life,” he said.

Security authorities in al-Kharj have detained the maid and are currently holding her pending investigation.

السعودية.. كيف خنقت خادمة الطفلة ترف؟
السعودية.. كيف خنقت خادمة الطفلة ترف؟

Sources from King Khalid Hospital in Al-Kharj said the girl showed signs of being assaulted by the domestic worker. Her heart had stopped bacause of suffocation. “We received the girl on Friday morning and her pulse had completely stopped. Medical procedures were taken to restore her heartbeat and she was transferred to the intensive care unit for further medical procedures and monitoring by the medical team in the hospital,” the source said.

“Currently, the girl is in a coma and is suffering from internal bleeding. She has been placed under a respirator to help her breathe,” the source added.

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