VIDEO: Indian restaurant run by differently-abled staff using sign language

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A restaurant run by differently-abled people in India not just serves food but also brings smiles to the faces of its patrons. More importantly, it runs smoothly despite communication gap.

Echoes Cafe started in December 2015 with the collective efforts of Prateek Babbar, Sahib Sarna, Shivansh Kanwar, Gaurav Kanwar, Sahil Gulati and Kshitij Behl.

The serving staff – who express themselves only in sign language – love working here. The owners want to continue providing a space for the differently-abled people by hiring more of them.

Jatin, who is a staff at the Echoes restaurant greets: “Hi, I am Jatin, this is GTB Nagar, Echoes Restaurant. It is run by deaf and mute people. Let's go inside.”

The menu card

Another staff member, Prince, said he loves working here. “We receive guests, offer them a glass of water. Then we give them the menu and explain them how to place the order,” he said.

Prateek Babbar, owner of the restaurant, said they have devised a procedure for ordering that is convenient for all.

“We have a switches on each table that that are connected to lights. Waiters will always come when you press the switch. You can show them the cue card that has all the obvious questions a customer can have… call the manager or we need spoons or we need bill. Even without these cue cards, out waiters understand the gestures. Communicating with customers is never an issue here,” he said.

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