VIDEO: Another joyrider causes deadly accident in Saudi Arabia

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Another tragic car accident hit the roads of one of Saudi Arabia’s cities after a driver attempted a reckless stunt of drifting his car.

The subculture of joyriding has become such a phenomenon in Saudi Arabia that it has its own label: “tafheet,” or drifting. It is the act of tyre-burning performed by cars before a flash mob of youthful admirers.

A video surfaced on social media showing attempting a dangerous stunt that lead to a painful accident after crashing into another car that drove into his direction.

Social media users have called for the need to impose tougher sanctions against such drivers while others suggested that awareness campaigns for youth groups be conducted to curb the phenomenon.

In recent years, the Saudi Council of Ministers approved that the traffic violations involving joyriding would be punishable by penalties.

New amendments to the traffic law code stipulate that a driver caught drifting on a first offense will receive a 20,000-riyal penalty ($5,330.85), in addition to the car being impounded for 15 days. A second-time offender will be fined 40, 000 riyals ($10,661.69) and referred to court to determine whether a prison sentence will be handed down.

A third time offender will see that fine increase to 60,000 riyals ($16,000) in addition to potential jail time and car being confiscated permanently.

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