VIDEO: India’s school for grannies inspires young and old

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Aajibaichi Shala (Grandmothers’ School) is no ordinary institute. – it is India’s only school for grannies. All students in this school are more than 60-years-old.

Children are barred at this unique school as it is the grannies who get to travel back to school days here.

Aajibaichi Shala was started on International Women’s Day, 2016, with 30 uneducated grannies. The school is open for two hours a day and its uniform is a pink sari.

Sole teacher

The sole teacher in the school teaches them writing, reading and multiplying. Almost all the grannies take help of their grandchildren with homework.

Yogendra Bangar, Co-Founder, Ajibaichi Shala, says the school started on March 8, 2016.

“One day, people in my village were reading a chapter on Indian warrior Shivaji. Elderly women from the village were also present. One of them said to me that she wished she could read at least the history books and holy text. That’s when I felt the need to do this,” he said.

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