A guard dog may solve mystery of family massacre in Egypt

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New details of the massacre in Egypt, which claimed the lives of a whole family; the father, the mother and their three children at the city of Rehab's gated community.

Dr. Hisham Abdel Hamid, Chief Legal Officer and Head of Forensic Medicine in Egypt told Al Arabiya.net that the autopsy of the bodies of the family has been completed, while a forensic team began to autopsy the father's body to show the cause of the death.

The head of Forensic Medicine said that the four bodies received eight lethal gun shots, each body with two shots in the head and face, where the shots settled in the skull, and dispersed inside causing a hole in the head. He added that the bodies were found in a rotten state, which means that the crime occurred at least five days earlier not more.

He said that a preliminary examination found that the father's body was also shot in the head, refusing to disclose additional information until the completion of the autopsy.

A close friend of the family, who chose to remain anonymous, told Al Arabiya that the guard dog of the family is a Doberman, the most dangerous types of guard dogs, is very aggressive, and can be fatal to any stranger who may think of breaking into the villa or climb the walls. “It would bark and awake the entire region if the family was in any danger, so the presence of the dog alive may raise questions that only the security men may answer,” he said.

He adds that the first question is if someone outside the family is behind the crime, how would he be able to sneak into the house while the dog is still alive? According to him, the dog must be examined, because the perpetrator may have anesthetized it so as not to bark at him and then he would have been able to sneak in quietly and carry out his crime.

He said that if the examination of the dog showed no traces of anesthesia, the killer is probably close to the family, but if it showed it was drugged at the time of the crime, this should refute the suicide theory.

“Especially that the injuries of the victims are all in the head an can only be executed by a professional person,” he added.

Another question remains to be answered, if the murderer was outside the family, and the guard dog was anesthetized, how did he manage to sneak in despite the police's assertion that the house's outlets were intact, and there was no evidence of trespassing from outside?

The Egyptian prosecution began to interrogate the neighbors and friends of the family to investigate all the circumstances surrounding the crime as well as the father's financial dealings.

Residents of Al-Rehab compound in Egypt woke up Sunday morning to the horrific massacre, where a whole family was found shot dead and in a decaying state.

A number of residents of the area said that the neighbors of the businessman, Imad Saad, who works in the construction sector, noticed the smell of foul odor coming from their neighbor's house.

They knocked on the door many times and no one answered. So they called the police who arrived immediately and raided the apartment to find the dead bodies of the father, wife, three children and traces of blood all over the villa.