WATCH: Oil-like substance flows out of a Saudi farmer’s well

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A Saudi farmer was surprised to see dark, oil-like water and a foul odor springing from his farm’s well in the village of Tabah near Salma, east of Hail.

A video of his finding has been widely shared on social media, drawing many to question the source of the oil-like substance.

The owner of the farm, Hamad Al-Mukhaa, said in a tweet that he had cleaned the well and was surprised that the usually clean water had turned black with a foul smell.

He pointed out that Tabah village is located on the crater of an empty volcano, and the maximum depth of the volcano's reaches 90 meters and about two kilometers in diameter.

Geological expert, Dr. Abdullah al-Omari, said the depth of the well was shallow and is unlikely to be oil and that a sample must be taken and analyzed for chemical composition before any conclusions were drawn.

At the same time, some conclusions were already drawn, saying the appearance of black water may indicate hydrogen sulfide, which makes it important for the farmer to get rid of the water.

“It is obvious that this substance is not suitable for Palm tree irrigation. We have been told that our village witnesses earthquakes from time to time,” the farmer said.

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