Fairuz releases new song about Jerusalem titled ‘Till When God’

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Legendary Lebanese singer Fairuz who has not release a song in years has put out a new song honoring Jerusalem and Palestinians titled “Till When God”.

The singer, now 82-years-old, is seen wearing an all-black outfit and veil with a graphic of Jesus behind her. Edited into the video are images of Palestinians in marches and clashes with Israeli soldiers.

The song comes amid tensions between Palestinians and Israelis after President Donald Trump announced the opening of a US embassy in Jerusalem. The move resulted in the death of 62 Palestinians due to clashes with Israeli forces.

Rima Rahbani, Fairuz’s daughter, posted the video on Sunday, which has gotten over 70,000 views already.

Fairuz had released another song honoring Jerusalem more than 50 years ago named “Zahrat Madaen” which is considered a popular anthem in the Arab world until today.

The song “Till When God” mainly speaks about the suffering of the Palestinian people. Among the lyrics Fairus sings, she says, ““till when God you will keep forgetting me, till when will you keep looking the other way ... till when will my enemy prevail upon me? Who is oppressing me, killing me, celebrating, while I am depending on your mercy.”

Several social media users have shared the video and shared excitement that the Arab icon is back singing again.