Sixth grader sets out to raise awareness about water wastage in Ramadan

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Sixth grader Faiz Mohammed, a student in the UAE, has started a campaign to build awareness about the amount of water that an individual uses daily for ablution (wudu).

A running tap at full pressure is a very common sound when you enter a mosque as many individuals complete the wudu ritual before starting their prayers.

The Khaleej Times reported that 10-year old Faiz Mohammed learned from the Hadith and Quran that one should not waste water and they have to preserve the environment. He decided to take these lessons and apply it to everyday life.

He conducted an experiment where, by using a bucket, he figured out how many liters of water he uses for Wudu. He later switched the bucket out for a mug and the results were astounding.

“The first time, I used 7.3 litres and the second time, being careful, I used only 1.2 litres. Now imagine the wastage of water when we do wudu five times a day, 35 times per week and 150 times per month. Furthermore, this is only for one individual,” Faiz told the newspaper.

“This means before I was using 36.5 litres per day, 252 litres per week and 1,080 litres per month. While using the mug, I used six litres per day, 42 litres per week and 180 litres per month. This means that I would save 900 liters per month by opting for the second method.”

After this revelation he first showed his immediate family and later moved on to close friends and relatives during iftar get-togethers.

He then went on to the one place where this was most needed, the mosque. According to Khaleej Times, his efforts include placing a very attractive and colorful poster in the ablution area of the mosque and, after prayers, he speaks to children and convinces them to tell their parents not to waste water.

“A lot people have complimented me for this act and have reduced the amount of water while doing wudu themselves,” Faiz said.