Record set in time taken to clean Mataf at Grand Mosque on Ramadan’s 27th night

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The Carpet Cleaning and Sterilization Administration at the Grand Mosque has achieved a new record time of 9 minutes and 47 seconds in cleaning the Mataf (circumambulation area around the Holy Kaabah) after Maghrib prayer of the 27th night of Ramadan, Saudi Press Agency reported on Tuesday.

The General Administration for Services Affairs Director Muhammad Bin Musslih Al-Jabri confirmed the full success of the administration’s plan for the 27thNight of Ramadan.

The plan focused on systematic cleaning of the locations immediately after Maghrib prayer.

This included cleaning the Mataf, the carpets of the Grand Mosque and the whole piazzas, intensifying the collecting of garbage manually throughout the night with continuous perfuming of the main entrances, walkways and the prayer areas within the Grand Mosque and in its courtyards (piazzas).

Al-Jabri added that on the night, 291 tons of garbage was collected and transported from within the Grand Mosque and its piazzas. The number of employees exceeded 300, including 100 employees for providing Iftar to worshipers. The male and female workers totaled 3,000.

They worked round the clock in shifts. He said the administration with all its personnel is ready to serve the Grand Mosque and its visitors.

Al-Jabri further said: “Some 25,000 carpets, 1,500 large garbage dumpsters and 1,500 small garbage dumpsters were secured. The tasks of the administration are mainly to supervise and follow up the implementation of the cleaning plan and Grand Mosque services.

“Its functions also include supervision of spreading ‘sufras’ for Iftar inside the Grand Mosque, supervision of the cleaning and maintenance works of the external utilities that belong to the Grand Mosque.”