VIDEO: 60-year-old Indian woman truck mechanic says she is ‘quite comfortable’

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At age 60, India’s Shanti Devi rolls truck tires and fixes punctures. She learnt all about automobiles by closely observing her husband and other mechanics.

Shanti and her husband started a teashop around 20 years ago. It was followed by a workshop and today, over 2,000 trucks passed by every day.

“Customers are surprised when they find me doing this job. They often doubt my abilities,” says Shanti Devi. They often ask her husband if she was good at the job.

“He tells them that they should not worry,” she says.

Household duties

Shanti juggles her job and household duties with ease. She doesn’t have any apprehension in doing this job.

“I am quite comfortable. I am here with my husband. In fact, I tell all the women that they should work alongside men and move beyond four walls of their houses,” says Shanti Devi.

For her, no job is meant exclusively for men or women and believes it is all about mental strength.

More importantly, she is happy as “the only woman in this male dominated profession”.