WATCH: ‘Drive My Car!’ US students dedicate Beatles song to Saudi women

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Students at the Berklee College of Music in Boston dedicated a Beatles song to Saudi women to commemorate the end of the driving ban in Saudi Arabia, which was lifted on June 24.

The song, recorded in collaboration with Public Radio International, is an Arabic version of the renowned British band’s 1965 hit “Drive My Car.”

A group of students from the college, which included Tony Barhoum and Tariq Rantissi on the qanoon instrument from Palestine, rhythmist Laith Saddik from Jordan, and guitarist Judd Henderson from Oregon, performed the song.

They were joined by cello player Nassim al-Atrash, and the vocalist and song writer Nano Reese.

berklee students dedicate Beatles' song to saudi women. (supplied)
berklee students dedicate Beatles' song to saudi women. (supplied)

The band was named “Nano and 4-2-6,” which represents the date when Saudi women began driving.

The song was recorded on May 17 and released on YouTube two days before the driving ban was officially lifted.

In a radio interview, Nassim al-Atrash expressed how important they felt the historic event was and what led him to listen to the Beatles’ song again.

He said, “The main focus in the song is on driving, and right now, there’s nothing more important for [Saudi] women than driving.”

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