WATCH: 3-year-old cancer survivor at bone marrow donor’s wedding as flower girl

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Skye Savren-McCormick, 3, was the flower girl in the wedding of the bride who had donated bone marrow to her back in 2016.

In rehearsals for her role as flower girl last month, she started practising in her home’s living room carrying a basket full of flower petals.

When the big day arrived, the little girl walked behind the bride down the aisle attracting the attention of the attendees not only because of her cuteness, but for her survival story.

Not long before, doctors had given this child a 10 percent survival rate due to her cancer diagnosis, needing a bone marrow donor urgently to survive.

After Skye was born in 2015, she developed bruises. Though it kept disappearing, the child kept getting sick. Four days before her first birthday and after months of doctor visits and tests, Skye was diagnosed with juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia, a rare and aggressive form of blood cancer.

Hayden Hatfield, a stranger to the child and her family stepped forward, and became that donor to save the child’s life and later on after a healing journey this child becomes her flower girl.

In 2016, the young bride came forward and signed to donate the bone marrow as she is a big believer in organ donation.

Later on and only one day before her wedding she met with her little flower girl who was on back in 2016.

While donors’ identities are kept a secret at the first stage, the donor can later on build a contact with the patient and this is what happened in the case of bride Hayden Hatfield who sent the family an email asking if she can meet them.

Later on and after several emails, the relationship became stronger despite the fact that the child’s family lives in California and Hayden lives in Alabama.

When Skye turned three, Hayden sent her a wedding invitation asking if she can be the flower girl.

Skye‘s mother said: “We were really surprised by how wonderful this young girl is”, adding that her daughter was still connected to oxygen tubes to survive and was difficult to do the role of the flower girl.

But later on she started to recover fast and then doctors became more optimistic about her health, saying that things were alright.