WATCH: Hilarious crow greets tourists in England with ‘Y’alright love?’

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A crow shocked tourists near Knaresborough Castle in England when he greeted them with “Y’alright, love?” in a Yorkshire accent.

Lisa and Mark Brooks were on a day-trip to the castle when they noticed an unusual sound coming from a crow hovering around people as they roamed the area.

Taken by surprise, the 43-year-old mother of two quickly began filming the crow with her mobile phone.

The 34-second video shows the plied crow hopping around the sidewalk and greeting the couple in an enthusiastic voice.

Lisa, who likes to film wildlife, squirrels, and birds, said “At first, I thought there was something wrong, but then I realized [the noise] was coming from the bird.”

Lisa said she found it “absolutely hilarious” that the bird was able to speak in a Yorkshire accent.

She added that the crow was calling people “love” and “darling.”

The video was watched more than 720,000 times since it was uploaded on Facebook last weekend, and garnered an impressive 1500 likes and more than 13,600 shares.