Indian worker bedridden at Saudi hospital hasn’t spoken to family in 20 years

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An Indian national has been lying in coma in a Saudi hospital for more than a year, and his family, who he did not visit or call in the last 20 years, are trying to get him repatriated.

According to a Saudi Gazette report, 43-year-old Mohammed Shamshuddin was avoiding his family for two long decades.

His family is currently struggling to pay the $5000 that it will take to fly him to India on a stretcher with an accompanying nurse, and have called on the Indian embassy and the community for help.

Shamshuddin, a native of the Rajanna Sircilla district in Telangana, was admitted to a private hospital in Dammam over a year ago after a severe stroke and brain hemorrhage left him in a coma. Saudi Gazette reported that since the stroke, Shamshuddin has only been able to open and shut his eyes.

Lack of documents

Shamshuddin’s lack of official documents made it difficult to locate his next of kin. In addition, when his residency card was found and his employer’s details were traced, authorities discovered that his residency visa was expired and that he had been living in the kingdom illegally.

According to the newspaper, his family’s poor financial conditions forced Shamshuddin to stay in Saudi Arabia and do odd jobs to survive. When his parents died, Shamshuddin could not fly back to India.

His brother, who works as a private driver in the kingdom, reportedly tried to meet him several times but Shamshuddin avoided him. Shamshuddin’s illegal status was an issue, and a police case was filed against him for not paying his car rent as well.

However, the car rental company withdrew the case after a community worker, Nass Vokkam, intervened and informed them about Shamshuddin’s condition to get the due amount waived. No further information about Shamshuddin’s return to India was reported.