VIDEO: Centuries-old stupa in Pakistan tells tales of kings and their enemies

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A Buddhist stupa in Pakistan, claimed by few to be 4,500 years old, is attracting local and international tourists who hear numerous tales of ancient kings and their enemies who inhabited the area in ancient times.

Located around 20 kilometers from the capital city of Islamabad, the Mankiala stupa, has several legends attached to it. “Based on what we have been told, this Stupa is almost 4,500 years old,” says one local adding that it contains large reserves of gold buried inside.

It is said that the stupa was built during the reign of Kanishka. There are also those who say it was built during the era of King Ashoka.

“He [King Ashoka] used to live in his castle in Rawat and made a tunnel from his castle to this stupa. In the event of an attack on Rawat, he would send his family through the tunnel to the stupa to ensure their security,” he says.

Another local explains that when Alexander the Great attacked the area, there used to be a small city here. Locals say teams from France, Australia, Austria and Britain frequently visit this stupa for research purposes.

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