VIDEO: Despite handicap, India’s ‘Medicine Baba’ collects pills to help the poor

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Despite battling physical handicap, Omkar Nath aka “Medicine Baba” goes door-to-door in India, collecting unused medicine.

Every day, he roams various neighborhoods in New Delhi asking people to donate unused medicines. He then gives them away to charitable hospitals, NGOS and clinics.

Omkar Nath started this practice in 2008 when he saw what the lack of medicines could do to underprivileged people. He is undeterred by the fact that one of his legs is damaged and he finds it difficult to walk long stretches.

“Please donate medicines which you are not using,” he calls. He thanks whosoever opens the door to him and apologizes for the inconvenience caused.

Treating the injured

“It goes back to 10-11 years. There was an accident on the construction site of Metro train. I happened to visit one of the hospitals where most of the injured people were getting treated”, he says.

According to him doctors told them that the hospital’s internal stock of medicine was over and they could continue the treatment only if patients’ attendants could arrange medicines from the market.

“Most of those patients were construction laborers and migrants. I could see how difficult would it be for them to arrange medicines. That was how it started,” he says.

Nath gets immense support from the public. “So far, government has not given me any help or support. People residing in the neighborhood can collect medicines and give me a call. Or they can find my details on my website,” he says.

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