VIDEO: ‘Swedish angel’ protest onboard prevents Afghani from going ‘to hell’

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The video of a Swedish student who protested in an airplane even as an Afghani man was being deported has gone viral on social media.

Elin Errson became a star after she single handedly managed to stop the 52-year-old man from being deported back to Afghanistan.

Errson happened to be on the flight from Gothenburg to Istanbul (transit to Afghanistan) when she noticed that the man has been deported because Sweden has rejected to grant him refugee status.

She refused to take her seat on the flight to ensure that the plane does not take off. People who tweeted about her courageous act used the hashtag #ElinErrson.

Argument on-board

Despite an angry British passenger arguing with her about how she is frightening little children and how he doesn’t care for her opinion, others extended support and hailed her motive to stand up until the man has gotten off the plane.

Many co-passenger applauded her for her gesture and called her the “Swedish angel”. “I’m not going to sit down until this person is off the plane” Errson said during the standoff. “He will most likely get killed if he is on this plane”.

Minutes later, the cabin crew accepted to let the man off the plane alongside her. Teary-eyed, Errson ensured the man is out of the plane and back in Sweden.

After hours have passed, she posted on Facebook: “The Afghan asylum-seeker will not be expelled from Sweden”.