Want to graduate from 5 universities in 2 hours? This Saudi writer finds out how

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A Saudi writer was able to graduate from give universities in the span of just two hours after reading a book authored 31 years ago that alleged students from the Arabian Gulf, India, China as those who most seek fake university degrees without ever stepping foot inside a classroom.

So Fahd Amer al-Ahmadi, a Saudi writer, tried to put that theory to the test. Al Arabiya English sat down with the writer who verified that it was, indeed, possible.

“I wanted to prove to everyone that issuing a fake certificate is not difficult, just choose whatever certificate you want and from any university in the world,” he told Al Arabiya English.

Al-Ahmadi said that he had previously written several articles about fake certificates. “In 1989, I was studying the English Language at an institute of the University of Hamilton in Minnesota. Before finishing my language studies, I met an American man, through another Saudi student, who offered me to buy a guaranteed academic certificate. Despite my astonishment of the audacity of the offer, I asked him a lot of questions, which he answered gladly. I admit that he succeeded then to change my mind and we agreed to meet two days later at a nearby restaurant to put the action plan in place,” the author recounted.

Getting a discount for more certificates

“However, I remained hesitant and afraid until I finally overlooked the issue for a reason I could not ignore, which was that my income for the rest of my life would be from a false certificate!,” he said.

He said that he spent a lot of time examining three catalogs of false certificates from around the world and chose a bachelor's degree from Cambridge University, a master’s degree from California University, an English language diploma from Oxford University and a degree in Information Technology from Griffith University.

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“The trader did not expect me to buy all these certificates and he told me to take another four to receive a 50% discount... I laughed and said: “Can you forge a Saudi certificate? And he replied ‘I cannot as I did not any Saudi certificate in my life.’ I said: ‘You are an honest man; that’s why I will take another certificate from you,” al-Ahmad remembered.

The trader then asked: “What do you think of a master’s degree in economics for 120 dollars?”.

Getting caught

Al-Ahmadi said that 10 years ago, the US Justice Department announced a blacklist of 10,000 individuals with false diplomas. Seventy of those in the list were Saudis currently working in significant positions and occupations, including a woman who received a forged specialty in obstetrics and gynecology.

“In 2012, within the results of the exams of the Saudi Organization of Engineers, it was revealed that 700 forged certificates were issued from Europe, USA, Pakistan and India ... If this was discovered within one day, we have the right to wonder about what exceeds its capabilities or those who had not been revealed during the past years”, he questioned.

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Al-Ahmadi then wondered: “How many officials in our country have irregular certificates? When would we have similar efforts to examine the old certificates on which they were appointed?”

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