Dubai ruler criticizes government entities over low employee satisfaction rates

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The UAE's Vice President and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum gave a six month notice period to federal government agencies with low employee satisfaction ratings in order to change their business environment on Monday.

On his official twitter account, Sheikh Mohammed said that he has seen the results of satisfaction surveys from 40 different federal government agencies and described the rates as “unacceptable.”

“I looked over employee satisfaction reports in 40 federal government entities. The satisfaction rate is 93% in some entities. We have five entities where the percentage is less than 60! These percentages are unacceptable,” His Highness said.

“Employee satisfaction is the key to customer satisfaction.”

Sheikh Mohammed had given the Dubai government staff advices on how to enhance their workplace.

“The new law translates our vision for a better future for our employees and giving them happiness,” he tweeted afterwards.

Sheikh Mohammed emphasized on the importance of the employees’ satisfaction by calling them the government’s “most valuable asset.”

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