Emotional video shows differently-abled triplets greeting nanny at airport


Despite the difficulty of going to the airport, three differently-abled triplets in wheelchairs insisted on greeting their nanny as soon as she landed at a Saudi airport from her hometown in Ethiopia.

A video showing the three children excitedly greeting their nanny was widely circulated on social media. The heartwarming scene showed one of the children hurriedly moving the wheelchair to the stairs where the nanny was walking down, as they embraced each other while the other two children excitedly squealed, waiting to be embraced by her.

The father of the three children, Mohammed al-Qahtani, said that the nanny was on a three-month vacation, even though she expressed that she did not want to leave the children.

“She does not sleep until they sleep, and we treat her as part of the family. She eats at the table with us, and we do not differentiate between her and our children,” Qahtani said.

He added that she has been working for the family for six years.

“When it was time for her vacation, we asked her to travel to see her mother and her family. When she returned, my children were doing physical therapy at the hospital, but they asked the doctor from the night before her arrival if they could leave to greet her,” he said.

Some social media users criticized the triplets’ mother, claiming that she was uncaring for her children, but Qahtani stressed that the nanny’s role is to help the children’s’ mother given their condition as it is not an easy feat.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:53 - GMT 06:53