VIDEO: Pakistan’s 23-year-old solo female biker who wants to travel the world

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Astride GT-110 Suzuki, a 23-year-old girl based in Pakistan’s Lahore has become the first female biker to travel across the country all on her own.

Yumna Warraich has criss-crossed northern areas of Pakistan and plans to travel from Pakistan to Turkey in the near future.

She has won awards for her bravery and has even conquered places that are hard to trek. “My traveling passion started when I saw bikers on my social media. It influenced me to travel on bike,” she says.

Yumna says her first trip was on a 70-CC bike with university fellows. “When I went to my university riding a bike for the first time, people were very surprised. Soon they started calling me the “scooty girl”.

China border

“I have been to the China border, Naran, Kagan, Babusar Top, Gilgit, and Hunza till China Pass. In the south I have travelled to Fort Mundu,” she says.

She has covered all these distances in GT-110 Suzuki, which she calls the sparrow. “Whenever I travel I put up a status saying “sparrow on sparrow”,” says Yumna.

Yumna has won two national records and the title of the first female tourist biker to travel Kharkari Lake on bike.

“In future I wish to travel the whole world on my bike may be with a companion because solo all this might not be possible. I plan to fulfil my dream soon,” she says.